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IQPS Trading is a professional beverage import / export supplier and distribution company. IQPS Trading has a very successful track record of delivering increased market share, availability and execution of trade and consumer programs for our exclusive brand principal partners.

With headquarters based in Phnom Penh, IQPS Trading imports, supplies and distributes several market leading FMCG products throughout Cambodia such as Stonefish Wines, Alpha Estate Wines, Volt, Big Cola, Singha Soda Water, Santa Vittoria Waters, to name a few. We have offices, warehouses, delivery trucks and vans to ensure quality and timely distribution and account servicing requirements.

IQPS Trading distributes products to all 25 provinces across Cambodia with a network of over 60,000 retailers, including large supermarket chains. This retail network is increasing exponentially as our product range increases.

IQPS Trading has a combination of Direct store delivery, Key Account and modern trade team, and an extensive wholesale network with a professional and well-trained sales, marketing and operations team. Our team are regularly attending product training to ensure that they are up-to-date on all of our products.

Some of our products and brands that we distribute in Cambodia include:

Zonin Prosecco Bottle
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Zonin Prosecco

ZONIN1821, Italy’s largest privately held wine company, produces Prosecco, a wine for enjoying simple moments of life.

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